About Us

Talented, Motivated, and Ambitious, Makeup Artist Shajara Rodriquez began her beauty career as a fragrance consultant when she moved from New York to North Carolina. After ladies would ask her to help them with makeup tips, she fell in love with the way women would look in the mirror and smile at their transformation. From there, Shajara embarked on a career in the Beauty Industry. Shajara has worked on the sets of Charlotte Seen Fashion Show, Photoshoot, numerous weddings and special events.


Who we have worked with

Through working for companies such as Lacomê, Clinique, Makeup Forever and Sephora, Shajara gained a knack for classic, clean line technique and a familiarity with products that has helped cement her status as a makeup artist. Her ability to create a flawless face, specialized in subtle transformations, helping women draw out the best version of their natural complexion and features.

Where we have been featured

Shajara’s work has been featured in Level21 and the Face magazines here based in Charlotte, North Carolina. As she continues to invite herself she is doing the same for her clients.